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Steps To Mold Removal

When mold surfaces, your family’s health and home are at risk. A plan to minimize damage to your home and protect your family can make all the difference. Here are our steps to mold removal.

Independent Restoration Services will answer your call 24/7 if you identify mold. The faster you make the call the better. We previously mentioned (here) that mold can grow and spread within 24-48 hours on damp materials, and there we discussed a few mold growth prevention tips.

Once mold growth is identified, it is time to take action. Our highly trained teams use advanced technology and expertise to remediate mold damage in a home or business with these steps:
  • Find source of the mold/water.
  • Create protocol for safest mold removal.
  • Move contents to a different area.
  • Set up containment and spore control.
  • Remove affected materials.
  • Run equipment to control air/spores.
  • Clean applicable surfaces throughout.
  • Remove equipment and take down containment.
  • Enjoy a mold free space.

The importance of safe mold removal cannot be stressed enough. Mold spores are microscopic and move through the air without a visible trace. Containing the spores and purifying the air strategically is essential to preventing further damage. We do not recommend removing mold yourself, but if you must, here are the CDC guidelines.


In addition to our mold mitigation procedures, we guide our customers through the insurance claims process. Mold coverage can be tricky. In fact, some insurance companies do not cover mold if it develops slowly over time. Independent Restoration Services is staffed with former insurance adjustors who know every detail of insurance coverage requirements. With our expertise, advice and documentation, you will feel confident in filing a claim and securing the coverage you

We sincerely hope you never have to experience mold damage, but if you do, we’ll take the best care of you, your family, your home, or your business.

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