Mold Prevention Essentials

Maintaining 55% or less humidity in your crawlspace is VITAL to preventing mold growth.

BUT, how do you monitor the humidity?

There are several easy to install products on the market that can accurately monitor humidity to keep you and your family healthy.


Here are a few common options to consider:

These tools can cost as much as $250+ to as little as $10, and can be found in most home improvement stores.

Once you have your monitor in place, the bigger question is what do you do when the humidity is consistently higher than 55%???

Here are six recommendations:

However, your high humidity could be due to standing water from a slowly leaking pipe, a burst pipe, overflowing dehumidifier, HVAC, or water heater. If any of these are the cause of your consistently high humidity, we are your first call.

  • We stop the water source.
  • Document the cause and damage in detail.
  • Communicate directly with your insurance company to ensure you get covered.
  • begin the drying procedures immediately and safely.

Insurance may cover the cost of repair when identified quickly enough. We can inspect your property and guide you through the each step of restoration.

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