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Is My Water Damage Covered By Insurance?

You are in the middle of a water disaster, and you are wondering, “Is my water damage covered?” Our insurance experts can help with that! Excess water can cause significant damage in a very short time to your home or business. It is essential that water be removed immediately to avoid unhealthy mold growth. If the water damage is not covered by insurance, the expense of repairs could cost thousands of dollars out-of-your-pocket. So, below we share a list water damage that is typically covered by homeowner’s insurance. Also, we offer suggestions for your initial step to minimize damage.

Storm Damage

Storm damage can be covered by insurance if your particular policy does not require an additional endorsement. However, it is vital that the damage be reported quickly because subsequent damage may not be covered. Wind or hail damage can result in obvious destruction to your roof, glass windows, siding, etc., but too often, homeowners do not discover the damage caused by a storm until it is too late and further destruction has resulted.

Your First Mitigation Step: After the storm has passed and you can do so safely, we recommend you check your property closely for the following: window damage, roof damage, changes in exterior structure, and clogged gutters. Clogged gutters are important to check because they will lead to overflow and water damage to exterior walls. 

Sudden & Accidental

Sudden and accidental water damage is covered almost 100% of the time. Some examples of sudden and accidental water damage commonly covered by insurance include:

Your First Mitigation Step: If you find yourself with excess water from any of the sudden or accidental examples listed above, we recommend that you immediately find the source of the water and shut off all necessary water valves. Consider your safety before reaching into any standing water by turning off electricity. 

Sewer Backup & Overflow

Sometimes insurance will cover sewer back up or overflow without purchasing an additional sewer endorsement. However, not all insurance companies are alike, and the coverage for sewer or water backup is rare by a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. We highly recommend that you speak with your insurance agent before any signs of sewer backup are revealed to guarantee your coverage in these stinky situations.

Your First Mitigation Step: If you are surprised by a sewer disaster, turn the water supply valves off and call a professional restoration service, immediately. At IRS, we remove the black and grey toxic water and safely so your family is protected from illnesses like E.coli and gastrointestinal diseases caused by feces and methane.

Again, your first priority after any water emergency is safety. Never proceed with efforts to stop damage if the situation is unsafe. If storm damage is the cause of your emergency, shelter your family for the night elsewhere. If your water damage is sudden and accidental, be certain electricity is turned off before entering any standing water, and avoid contact with any black or grey water, if possible. 

Once you are safe, you can reach out to your emergency mitigation service provider. Independent Restoration Services will take your call and inspect your property 24/7. Your first call will be answered by the owner of our company without fail. Follow this link to see the steps we take to return your home to a pre-loss condition and restore your peace of mind, or call now! 615-669-5329

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