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April To Do List

Here’s your April to do List! When the seasons change, it’s important to take a look around your property and assess what needs to be done for the coming weather change. Springtime brings a lot of rain and storms, which can lead to water damage and mold. So here’s a list of things to do to prevent damage and enjoy the warmer days to come! 

  1. Take a look at your windows and doors and assess the weather stripping. If it looks broken or worn, replace it to ensure all is sealed properly. 
  2. If you have a deck, inspect for any rotten or compromised wood. Replace any wood that is old and rotten. This is a great time to power wash your deck and restain and seal it to ensure that your wood lasts as long as possible. 
  3. Clean your hvac. You can youtube some great videos on how to do this, but basically you need to turn the breaker off, take the top off, clean the debris out and spray the unit down. Do not use a power washer though, as this can damage the unit. 
  4. If you are able, get on the roof and inspect for any missing or damaged shingles. In addition, inspect your ceilings, closets, and attic space for any signs of water damage. 
  5. Clean out your gutters and downspouts or hire someone to do it. This ensures that they are not clogged and holding water near the roof and causing water damage.
  6. Trim any large trees and any trees and shrubs near the home. 
  7. Check all smoke detectors. You should replace your batteries twice a year. Also, if your smoke detectors are 10 years old, then it is recommended that you replace them, as the wires do become compromised. 
  8.  Check your water heater. Have a professional check for any gas leaks or faulty valves. 
  9. Inspect all your appliances for any leaks or malfunctions.
  10. Replace HVAC filters to ensure your hvac is operating at optimum capacity.
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As always, if you notice any water damage, IRS is here to help you! 
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